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Cigars by Country of Origin:

Cigars are sometimes categorized by the country where they were made. Cuban cigars are considered to be the best, but since they are illegal in the United States, Dominican cigars are actually the most popular. A cigar's country of origin is classified by where it was rolled, regardless of where the wrapper, binder, or filler is from. Typically, the filler tobacco is usually grown in the same country as where the cigar is made. This is not an absolute rule, as cigars rolled in the US, (typically, Miami or Tampa regions) must import all of their filler. Another exception is Honduran and Nicaraguan cigars, as their native grown fillers are often too harsh to be used exclusively, and are typically blended with Dominican filler in order to produce an acceptable smoke.

Dominican Cigars
The Dominican Republic is the top producer of cigars in the world. Depending upon individual tastes, Dominican cigars are probably the best cigars sold in the United States. In the last 20 years, the quality and variety of cigar tobacco from the Dominican Republic has greatly improved. Near the city of Santiago, live the majority of Dominican cigar makers. This area is the primary agricultural region in the northern half of the country. Since most Dominican tobacco is derived from Cuban seed varieties, it is quite full flavored and lends itself to the creation of unusually complex blends.

Honduran Cigars
Honduran cigars are very popular in the United States. In general, tobacco grown in Honduras can be somewhat robust. However, several Honduran brands are very mild, making them a top choice for new cigar smokers where ever they may live.

Nicaraguan Cigars
After its own 10-year sleep to 1995, a period when it was only a bit player in the American cigar market, the Nicaraguan cigar industry has reawakened. The turmoil of Somoza's rise and fall brought war into his fields, armies into the cigar factories and ruin to the Nicaraguan cigar industry. Now, withstanding war, embargo and recovery, Nicaragua has posted a strong revival. In 1995, only 2 percent of the premium cigars sold in America were Nicaraguan. This year, production of Nicaraguan cigars will make up approximately 11 percent of the handmade, premium market as it maintains the fastest such growth of any country. Millions more cigars made outside the country will incorporate flavorful Nicaraguan tobacco in their blends. Having rediscovered a taste that harks back to the country's glory days of the 1970s, Nicaragua is once again making some of the world's finest cigars.  Read more...



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